Several communities declared ‘special disaster areas’


Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has declared several areas in Dominica as ‘special disaster areas’ following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika.

He made the declaration on Saturday evening.

The areas are Paradise Valley in Bath Estate, Petite Soufriere, Good Hope, Dubique, Petite Savanne, Pichelin, Coulibistrie, Campbell and San Sauveur.

He said the declaration was made after “broad consultation” and was necessary due to the loss of life, the destruction of property and the need for “focused response” in these areas.

Skerrit also stated that continued focus will also be on the Douglas Charles Airport and Petite Savanne.

“Petite Savanne continues to be a concern for us,” he said.

Twenty people have been confirmed dead since the passage of Erika and several communities around Dominica remain cut off from the rest of the island.

Source Dominica News Online