Press release KPSM (POLICE): Aug 05th 2015


Missing at sea

PHILIPSBURG: Previously on Friday July 31th at approximately 1650 hours a call came in to the central police dispatch that a 30 year female visitor staying locally on the island was missing at sea along with the Jet Ski operator. The young woman who is visiting the island with friends decided to take a ride on a Jet Ski along with the operator from one of the local Jet Ski companies. Her friends became worried after about an hour had passed and asked a fellow operator of the company to go and check on their friend and ask her to return.  Unfortunately they were not found in the area of the Great bay harbor, so the authorities were called.  After a search by the coastguard, Sea rescue and the harbor pilot boat the Jet Ski operator was located nearly four hours later after having left the shores sitting on the disabled Jet Ski. According to him the young lady had jumped off the Jet Ski with the intention to swim to shore to get help. She was shortly afterwards discovered in the waters in the area of Cape Bay.  The Jet Ski operator was arrested, questioned and later released.  The Jet Ski was confiscated and an investigation is ongoing by the relevant authorities. The young woman was checked out and found in good health by the ambulance department. She too was questioned and collaborated the story of the Jet Ski operator.



PHILIPSBURG: Previously on Monday August the 03rd two men walked into the Philipsburg police station and both gave statements to detectives that on Sunday the August 02nd at around eleven thirty in the late evening hours they both was shot at by an known assailant while walking home in the area of  Zong Supermarket in Middle Region. No one was hurt. Detectives are busy investigation this incident.

Armed robbery

PHILISPBURG: On Monday the 03rd of August around five o’clock in the afternoon three men were arrested by the police patrol after having robbed a restaurant on the Wellington rd. Two masked men brandishing firearms came into the establishment and after taken the money from the register ran outside where a vehicle was waiting. The description and plate number was giving through to the central dispatch and the culprits where stopped on the Union road where they were arrested. The suspects were questioned by detectives and later put into preventive custody pending the further investigation.


As soon as there are any updates on any of the jewel store robberies it will be issued in a subsequent press release.