Retiring Commissioner of Police Mr. Rudolph Proctor hand over Ceremonial Sword as he hands over the Royal Anguilla Police Force to Mrs. Amanda Stewart as she takes up the office of Commissioner of Police of the Royal Anguilla Police on Friday 10th July, 2015 during the official Handing Over Ceremony.
Commissioner of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, Mrs Amanda Stewart.
Commissioner of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, Mrs Amanda Stewart.

ANGUILA — The Governor, Christina Scott, has accepted the resignation with immediate effect of the Commissioner of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, Mrs Amanda Stewart.

The exchange of letters between the Commissioner and the Governor is copied below.

Deputy Commissioner Alice Proctor has been appointed Acting Police Commissioner. Superintendent Elliot Forbes has been appointed Acting Deputy Commissioner. Further information about the appointment of a permanent successor to Mrs Stewart will be made in due course.


Letter from Mrs Stewart to the Governor
17 August 2015

Further to our conversations in recent days, I am writing formally to hand in my resignation with immediate effect.

Since I arrived in Anguilla, I have given the role my all and was working hard to improve policing on this island. I oversaw the policing of a safe and successful Summer Carnival, and arranged for specialised training for all CID officers and monthly professional development training for all officers. I had commenced work on increasing the visibility of the RAPF on the streets and focused on planning to tackle serious crimes. All of this was what I had come to Anguilla to do.

Following the newspaper article published in Belfast, I have been the subject of intense media and social media criticism with calls for my resignation, not because of the job I was trying to do, but because of quotes taken out of context. As soon as I saw the article I issued an honest and sincere apology for any offence caused, but the personal criticism has continued. This has now affected my health and I have been left with no alternative than to resign and leave Anguilla.
I am sorry that I have let people down who supported me and put faith in me to do this job. I should like to take this opportunity to thank the officers of the Royal Anguilla Police Force for their welcome and support. They do a difficult job in challenging circumstances. I wish them the very best for the future as they work to keep Anguilla safe and secure.

With best wishes,

Mrs Amanda Stewart


Letter from the Governor to Mrs Stewart
17 August 2015

Dear Mrs Stewart,

Thank you for your letter earlier this evening confirming your desire to leave the position of Commissioner of the Royal Anguilla Police Force with immediate effect.

It is with regret that I accept your resignation. In the 6 weeks that you have been in Anguilla I have seen the determination and energy you have brought to the role. Your focus on supporting the development of officers including negotiating additional training resources, the steps taken to build stronger partnerships with other Government agencies, and the changes you have started with a view to bringing community policing to the streets of Anguilla have all been impressive.

I know that you are grateful for the support you have received from officers in the RAPF, and that you wish nothing but the best for the Force. I appreciate this has not been an easy period for you, and I am grateful for the integrity with which you have conducted yourself throughout.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and Don all the best for the future,

Yours, Christina

Christina Scott