UP Board calls out MP Wescot-Williams on past indecisiveness in three Cabinets over four years


Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — The board of the United People’s (UP) party has taken note of recent comments made by Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Wescot-Williams.

“We find it ironic that the former Prime Minister and present opposition MP is able to maintain such a high visibility by questioning so much about government while the same MP led government up until December 2014, less than seven months ago,” remarked the UP Party Board on Thursday.

The UP Party Board added, “Now is not the time to play with the emotions of the populous especially when our people require us to band together to deal with the challenges the nation is facing.  The MP was also given the opportunity to be in government when she joined the coalition, but backed out a few weeks later.  This demonstrates the indecisiveness of the MP.

“Undoubtedly we surely recognize and embrace all calls for transparency but the former Prime Minister is fully aware of the challenges the country is facing, and was also present under her former leadership of three Wescot-William Cabinets spanning a period of four years since the country was established.  The country’s challenges today didn’t all of a sudden drop from the sky within the past seven months.

“Decisions needed to be taken in the past but it was only muddled with fancy chatter and indecisiveness.  It’s time we let the due processes of our executive and judicial branches of government take its course.  The country’s challenges won’t be solved in six months, one year or one governing term.  It will take time, and the current coalition of the willing is working to resolve the many challenges,” pointed out the UP Party Board.

“We look forward to MP Wescot-Williams embracing and presenting new legislation in Parliament which constructively serves to better our country from this point forward,” the UP Party Board concluded.