St Maarten Police Report: July 27 2015


Man  robbed

Philipsburg: On Friday24th July just around midnight a 50 year old male was standing at the bus stop located on the Backstreet in the area of the former Parliament building when he was brutally attacked and robbed by two armed assailants.  He suffered a lacerated forehead as a result being gun butted. He managed to walk to the station where for help. Later he was transported to the SMMC for further medical attention.



PHILIPSBURG: Previously on Thursday 23 July at approximately eleven o’clock at night the Rembrandt café was robbed by a single assailant brandishing a firearm. He entered the establishment and demanded money from the bartender. After helping himself with the cash out of the register he proceeded to robbed a couple of the patrons before fleeing the bar. No one was hurt in the process. Detectives were called and are busy with the investigation