St.Kitts-Nevis Team UNITY Government Grants Amnesty for CARICOM Nationals.

PM Harris flanked by a group of Caricom NATIONALS . Largely Guyanese

Saint Kitts & Nevis — Cabinet has agreed to grant a ninety (90) day amnesty for CARICOM Nationals to regularize their status. This would include all undocumented persons and those who would have lapsed in keeping their status current.

The amnesty therefore enables CARICOM Nationals to regularize their status regarding outstanding payments for Work Permits. The amnesty also applies to illegal CARICOM Nationals who have no criminal record. Under the amnesty, outstanding payments for years prior to 2015 are waived.

Persons are asked to visit the Secretariat of the Ministry of National Security from July 20th, 2015 to October 16th, 2015 to make the required payment for 2015.

All applicants are asked to bring along their passports.

Source Time Caribbean Online