Gunmen Kill Policewoman


KINGSTON, Jamaica, – The police have launched a manhunt for five gunmen who shot and killed a female policewoman late Tuesday as she made her way home on a bus.

The Constable, who was attached to the Denham Town police station in downtown Kingston, was on a bus that was travelling along Spanish Town Road when the gunmen attempted to rob passengers. The cop tried to intervene and in the process was shot by the men.

“The bus stopped to pick up other passengers, this included gunmen who commandeered the bus, they took it off the main road… We don’t have all the details but one thing we can say for sure, we’ve lost a colleague – a female officer, shot and killed brutally,” said Assistant Police Commissioner George Quallo.

The policewoman, who served in the force for four years, was pronounced dead at hospital.

The Police Federation says the incident highlights the need for special transportation arrangements for the rank and file members of the force.

Sergeant Raymond Wilson, who chairs the Federation that represents the police rank and file, said the call was made five years ago.

“If you should visit any of the other ministries, you will find many buses parked up that are used to transport public sector workers to work and from work, so our request is not unusual,” Wilson said.

Source Caribbean News Services