Philips represents St. Maarten in Jaycees pageant


Ms St. Maarten – Carlishia Philips

Posted by Jaycees Queen Show – JCI Antigua on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

By Andrew Dick / SXM News Room

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Artistic and determined, are just some of the words to describe 26 year old Carlishia Philips. Born and raised on the island of St. Maarten. Philips will represent the island at the Jaycees pageant in July in Anguilla and Antigua.

721-news decided to sit down and allow the St. Maarten dancer to talk about her and the journey of preparing for such a prestigious event.

carlishia 2
Miss Carlishia Philips

Carlishia Philips

I reflect a booming personality. With a dual cultural background of Hispanic and Kittitian, I have only learned to embrace the many other cultures that surround me. I truly believe that being diverse can only better oneself. I encourage fighting for what you believe in.

Because of my love for arts, I have dedicated my time to appreciate, embrace and push art to another level most specifically dancing. As a dancer and culture activist, being a part of several groups on the island, and assistant for the foundation “ART SAVES LIVES” of Nicole DeWeever who is St. Maarten’s first artist to make it to Broadway (New York), has only brightened the light to the tunnel ahead of me. With the many workshops and classes I give and partake in, locally and abroad,  has only make me realize that art do saves lives.

I find personal strength in the words of wisdom provided by my mother. Who has always thought me that nothing is too big or difficult for me to accomplish. She would remind me that we all crawled before we walked and walked before we run. Which proves that everything happen in time, with hard work and dedication.

Through my passion for performing, I have embraced the interest in pageantry.  Being able to show case my talent, and being role model to many young women in society.

I will continue to represent myself as an outstanding and respectful Caribbean woman. And sail forward in my ship of success as an ambassador, not only my country St. Maarten but a representative for the Caribbean. Of course, with the strength of the Almighty God.!

Questions to Carlishia:

Jaycees International pageant is one prestigious pageant, why enter? 

I believe we our destiny is already mapped out for us in life.  Nothing is luck!  I accept this opportunity as part of my journey through life.  The thought of being a delegate for Miss Jaycees is an amazing feeling.

How have preparations been?

My team and I have been in conversations, meetings and preparing every day.  They are as hungry as I am for this.  Preparing without sponsors is the hardest part, but we see this as motivation, we are not giving up.  Of course with all the administrative side of preparing, we have to think about talent execution (what type of talent), we sit and do our research.  It tough at times because I am preparing for two shows.  Miss Swimsuit Summer on July 11, 2015 in Anguilla and of course Miss Jaycees in Antigua on July 26.  So it’s a bit much at times for me, but my team keeps me grounded.

Miss Carlishia Philips

This pageant is extra special to me because I have a renewed hungry since last year 2014 carnival.  I know my strengths and I know my weakness.  This one I get to make my mark.  When I say mark I mean I get to showcase St. Maarten in a total different light.  The theme for my team and I is “All or nothing” And we want it all.

Because of my age 26 J this is my last, but it’s not the last for Carlishia Philips.  As my bio states I want to be an ambassador for the Caribbean just like my role model Miss Nicole de Weever.  Dance is my passion, so I plan to continue touring Europe and the Caribbean representing my island.  So even though this may be my last pageant, it’s the continuation of me.

I would love the full support from my people yes, I do know though that I cannot please everyone.  This pageant is not only for me, but for my island.  I get to be an ambassador of St. Maarten.  This means being a representative of St. Maarten itself (not just for myself), but for every resident and citizen.  It’s a big responsibility to carry, but a responsibility I proudly carry with pride, I know I can handle that responsibility.  I get to represent my island and share St. Maarten with the world. Thank you to my team!  It’s all or nothing.

The pageant will be on July 11 in Anguila and July 26th in Antigua. 721-news special report.