MP Lake guests speaker at Sister Magda Primary School. Highlights role of Parliament


PHILIPSBURG – United People’s (UP) party Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Maurice Lake, visited grade 5 students at the Sister Magda Primary School last week Friday as a guest speaker.

Sister Magda Primary School Grade 5 students were given an educational tour of the Parliament Building.  The class and teacher Noortje Pennings invited MP Lake to be a guest speaker at their school for a class project in which he gave them some good tips on how to be a successful student.

MP Lake stated he is very proud of both 5th grades of the Sister Magda Primary school.

“The first time I visited the school, most of the students didn’t know much about Government and Parliament and the names of their public officials.

“During my follow up visit to the school last week, the students were sharp.  After reading the newspapers, they now know mostly everything about Government and Parliament, and it’s have a positive influence on their grades good in class.

“I promised them I will follow up to see how they are doing in class, and encouraged them to read, read and read and do their homework in class,” UP MP Hon. Maurice Lake said on Monday.

MP Lake added: “One of the tasks of Parliament is to educate the general public on the functioning and task of Parliament, and the best way to start is at the elementary level in the different schools.

“The only way to instil that will of leadership is through prevention, education and family values by teaching the children what is right and wrong and getting them to know their representatives of the people,” MP Lake concluded.

The students thanked the MP for taking the time to visit their school and sharing his knowledge with them.

PHOTO CUTLINE: UP MP Hon. Maurice Lake (right) standing with the grade 5 students of the Sister Magda Primary School.