***UPDATE***: Chach Man of Taxi 213 found dead in his vehicle Monday

Chach man SXM-ATA
The late Johan Alberto Romney aka Chach Man, Taxi 213


PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – Former Telecommunications worker, Radio Announcer and Taxi Driver, Johan Alberto Romney (Chach Man) died unexpectedly on Sunday.

A search was launched early Monday morning by the wife of Romney Virginia Carty and another family member as he did not return homeSunday night into Monday morning.

A BBM notice was also placed aimed at locating the missing Taxi Driver.

Early Monday afternoon reports came in that his Taxi Van was located under the Mega Plex Movie Theater and that someone was inside of the vehicle but not showing any signs of life.

When family members arrived on the scene, the surrounding area encompassing the Chach Man’s Taxi van had already been cordoned off by the police who had initiated an investigation.

Although the cause of death has been determined to be of natural causes, there are still many unanswered questions that the family and authorities are now seeking answers to.

  • The wallet of the late Johan Alberto Romney was not found after a through search was carried out by investigating personnel.
  • The body of Johan Alberto Romney was found in the passengers seat which indicates that he was either driven there or assumed that seat after he had parked at that location. There were also signs that Johan Alberto Romney had become ill in the passengers seat and not in the drivers seat.
  • Why was the van driven to that location? the associated possibilities creates even more questions.

Calls to his telephone early Monday morning rang out. Some family members who tried to call Romney reported that they did not get a ring but in fact a message indicating that the phone was off. It should be noted also that their efforts later to contact him resulted in a clear ringing of the telephone.

The police is said to be still investigating the case to ensure that all loose ends are tied up.

The full police report can be read below;

Police report:

Man found dead in his vehicle.

COLEBAY, Sint Maarten
— On Monday May 4th at approximately 01.05 p.m. police patrols were sent to the parking lot of Mega Plex Theatre where a man who was showing no signs of life was found.

On the scene the investigating officers located the lifeless body of the male victim sitting in his taxi in said parking lot.

Dr. Douglas arrived on the scene and pronounced the death of the victim. The victim with initials J.A.R. (55) did not return home since Sunday May 3rd.

Investigations done by the Detective and Forensic Department did not show any signs of foul play.