Suspected killer of Akeem Isidora show up without handcuff and leading the detective to the courthouse


Detention of police officer extended with eight days more.

Akeem Isidora BelvederePHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — suspended Police officer Richmar York aka Redrum without handcuff and in a royal way showed up at the Court of First Instance on Tuesday to face the judge of instructions, after being arrested on Sunday for gunning down Akeem Isidora during an altercation in Belvedere in March. The National Detective Agency investigated the case for nearly three months and came across evidence of “premeditated murder”. The Public Prosecutor request an addition eight days for the office to continue investigating the case.

Lawyer Shaira Bommel
York’s lawyer Ms Shaira Bommel entering the courthouse on Tuesday (May 19), afternoon.

The decision to suspend the officer a week after the incident with pay from the police is said to be part of efforts at transparency on the part of the police force. The officer was questioned on the night of the incident and will be questioned again as the case now heads to court. Many stories have been circulating on social media and in the community about the arrest and motives behind the shooting.

A number of witnesses were heard by the Prosecution and they are expected to testify once the court proceedings start. The Minister of Justice was informed about the suspension and agreed with the move from the police force after assessing the case. The National Detective Agency launched the investigation around the circumstances surrounding Isidora’s death at Happy Estate Belvedere on Wednesday March 4th2015. No word yet as to how many years of jail time will be requested by the Prosecution.

Reliable sources told the 721news room that for safety reason the prosecution option was to transport York to a safer detention facility off island, he will be moved some time this month.

Compus R York
On Tuesday these two suspects appear in front of the Judge of instruction, one was brought in in handcuff (see picture below) guarded by two police officers in uniform and the other one who was identify as the suspended police officer R.Y. who is the person who gun down akeem isidora (see picture on top), he can be seen leading the detectives to the courthouse door. Remarkable was to see a suspect of a murder case without handcuff. 721news understood that both young men are consider suspects of doing a crime in two separate cases, but still one has the royal privileged over the other. Photo by Gromyko Wilson/721news