No proof of class justice ! "Masbangu" case referred back to Court of first instance


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Court of Appeal (Hof) on Tuesday May 5th 2015 announced in Philipsburg its decision in the so-called “Masbangu” case. In the case of the ballot box fraud in Sint Maarten the public Prosecutor’s Office was earlier declared inadmissible by the Court of first instance.

It concerns the case against the suspects R.C.H.J. (1951), C.J.L.C. (1969), R.H. (1953) and A.R.W.M. (1970), suspected of having sold their vote (election fraud) during the last elections.

Referring to the principle of equality and the prohibition of arbitrariness, the Court of first instance found that the prosecution lost its right to prosecute, since the role of the leadership of the UP was not sufficiently investigated.

The Court of Appeal today has not revealed inconsistent with the principle of equality, the prohibition of arbitrariness or class justice.

The judgments of the Court of first instance therefore are destroyed by the Court and the cases are referred back to the Court in the first instance.