Multidisciplinary Control Team visits 13 Businesses related to Operational Licenses and Noise Levels  


GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Under the Inspectorate of Ministry Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), the Multidisciplinary Control Team carried out a control of 13 businesses last week Friday during the evening hours.

The control was related to checking business licenses as well as noise pollution.  Two of the 13 businesses were closed down because they couldn’t provide any documentation proving that they were operating legally.

Bars, restaurants and vendors in Sucker Garden, Maho Reef, Simpson Bay, Cole Bay, Lower Princess Quarter and Oyster Pond were checked.

All businesses and vendors that were controlled had some issue related to the objectives of the control.  These included noise nuisance; engaging in unlicensed activity; permits could not be produced upon request of authorities as required by law.

The 13 businesses and vendors received a written warning and summoned to the office the next business day and referred to the relevant government department.

Government has the responsibility to protect public health, safety and welfare of the community by enforcing the regulations and laws.

The aforementioned also entails ensuring that persons and/or residents that are not patronizing the business can also enjoy the peace, tranquility and relaxation of their environment.

The mission is to enhance and safeguard the quality of life of the community.

The Multidisciplinary Control Team included members of the Sint Maarten Police Force, Economic Controllers and Control Unit.

Business owners who operate according to the laws of the land are aware that they must have on display their business/operational licenses as well as a business license extension of the current year. Upon request by the authorities, they should be able to provide the aforementioned.

The actions by the Multidisciplinary Control Team are according to the operational plan of action to conduct controls at random in order to make sure businesses and vendors operate according to their licenses and permits and follow the laws of the land.

Secondly, the inspectorate has received complaints from residents with respect to noise nuisance or excessive noise, and the team addressed this during its control.

For any inquires, the Inspectorate can be reached by calling 542-4509/4511 or stop by Tamarindesteeg #16, (The Yellow Building) or via

PHOTO: Members of the Multidisciplinary Control Team conducting a control at one of 13 business establishments on Friday, 15th of May. DCOMM Photo