Wescot-Williams: The St. Maarten Integrity Chamber on a collision course in the governing coalition?

Member of Parliament Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams
Member of Parliament Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten –The governing coalition parties and their independent affiliates have “suddenly” lost interest in our own integrity chamber, said Democratic Party (DP) Faction Leader Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams on Friday in a press statement to all medias.

In her following Statement she describes her sentiments of the sequence off events. “This is apparent from a response I received (through the Chairperson of Parliament) from the Prime Minister, Gumbs On April 23rd, I asked the Chairperson of Parliament to inform me when the public meeting would be convened to handle the draft integrity chamber law. (The St. Maarten law).

“This evoked a response from the Prime Minister by letter of the same date, suggesting putting off the handling of the law for 3 (three) weeks, because he, the Prime Minister has to travel for “urgent” government business. Excuse me, this legislation was the same one for which members of Parliament, mainly those supporting the coalition, were chided by government Ministers Gumbs and Richardson, for criticizing the draft law.

“Now, this in itself is peculiar, as one would assume that this ordinance was passed by the coalition members before coming to Parliament. That being what it is, it is revealing that suddenly the urgency is no longer there for our own “thing”.

“If the Prime Minister has to travel, where is the deputy Prime Minister (PM)? The deputy Prime Minister (Minister of Justice) has until now ran with the integrity ball.  Was an agreement reached during the Deputy Prime Minister’s recent travel to the Netherlands?

“The Deputy PM traveled to the Netherlands to defend St. Maarten’s position AGAINST the impending measure of higher supervision by the Kingdom Government.  The feedback given by the Deputy Prime Minister upon his return to St. Maarten was rather ambiguous (not clear).  We are left with the following questions?

“What travel of the Prime Minister is so important, to postpone the integrity chamber law for 3 weeks? Are the governing parties and independent affiliates in favor of moving on our own integrity chamber law, as handled by the central committee of Parliament or are they not?

“What was told to the Deputy Prime Minister during his visit to the Netherlands and his audience with the Council of State and what did he commit St. Maarten to?” queried DP MP Sarah Wescot-Williams on Friday in a press release.