TelEm Group networks affected by network failure


Pond Island –  TelEm Group Wednesday apologized to customers for an interruption in service in land-line, internet and mobile service following a network failure earlier in the afternoon.

Technicians were alerted to the failure shortly after 1:00 pm Wednesday and quickly identified issues with the company’s 3G mobile network and telecommunication equipment that provides landline and internet connectivity.

According to TelEm Group, Manager, Network Operations, Julian Lake, the problem with the 3G mobile network was quickly identified with service restored within an hour.

He said however, a second problem, involving loss of connection with another part of the company’s telecommunication network took longer to restore because different components had to be restored separately from various locations.

“We quickly isolated the major problem affecting the voice and internet service, however the process of restoring service was much more complicated than the problem experienced with the mobile network,” said Mr. Lake. He said landline and internet service was fully restored at 5:00 pm Wednesday.

He also said the mobile, landline and internet interruption was not connected to a another report earlier this afternoon concerning an interruption in service in the Mary’s Fancy area.

In that case, a cutover is under way and residents in that area have been told to expect outages during the course of this week.

According to Manager, Outside Plant, Mr. Marco London, the interruption in service in Mary’s Fancy is part of a scheduled upgrade that is being carried out this week on the underground network, aimed at improving service in the vicinity and also in several other areas.

He said due to the cutover, there will be interruptions at different times in the day all week, from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The areas affected by the underground cable works are: Coralita Rd.; Carnation Rd.; Gladiola Rd. Match Me Rd. and Blue Jay Rd.

Both Mr. Lake and Mr. London have apologized to TelEm Group customers for any inconvenience caused by this afternoon’s series of outages.