Gorden Yee defends tittle for this year’s parade day


Gorden 2-001Philiprsburg—With a roaring seven sections, 2014 Best troupe winner Gorden Yee is looking to retain his crown as king of the annual Carnival parade. This year, Gorden Yee and team put all in the creative seven section with 200 revelers jamming on the road for this year’s parade. Back in 2014, Gordon Yee’s 45 Years of Sweetness was named winning troupe of the Grand Parade, followed by first runner-up troupe Survivors. Randolf Scot was awarded with winning float, while Mary Benjamin of Gordon Yee’s troupe was named winning individual. The spectacular view worked its way through the streets of Philipsburg straight to the Festival Village.

The work started since last year and Yee told 721 news that he has been working on giving a different feel to jammers this year with his creative costumes that will sweep the judges and onlookers alike. When asked by our reporter if he will win again this year around? He responded with a smile on his face,” Do you eat everyday”. On Gorden-001Friday afternoon revelers were seen walking in the mass camp located at Bute Hotel on the Illidge Road. Workers were also observed placing bags on the side for customers who signed up months in advance, the gift of a costume.

The grand parade will take place this Thursday. President of the Carnival Development Foundation Micheal Granger stated last year that the grand parade was by far the biggest to date with a record breaking 21 troupes. Yee invited the public to come out and witness Carnival best on the road. Sadly the costumes for the seven sections are sold out. This year 21 troupes have signed up again according to the SCDF.

By Andrew Dick/ SXM Newsroom