ST.KITTS : Honorary Counsel in Dubai Refuses To Give Up Position

Kate Alex Woodley, the mother of former Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas’ children

DUBAI — Kate Alex Woodley, the mother of former Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas’ children, is refusing to relinquish the consular post he assigned her in the St. Kitts-Nevis Embassy in Dubai.

The Observer was reliably informed that all ambassadors have been recalled with the exception of Taiwan and Jamaica. A government source confirmed this and that Woodley refused to leave the Dubai Embassy.

The opening of the Consulate and Woodley’s appointment as Consul General has been the source of much public discord.

The embassy was opened in March 2012 amid controversy that then PM Douglas had done it without the knowledge of his Deputy PM, then Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Condor.

Condor said at the time there was “something fishy” about establishing the embassy the way Dr. Douglas had gone about it.

He said it was a “costly undertaking” and he had not been consulted about the opening or Woodley’s appointment.

While he was in office The Observer had asked the ex-PM about the cost of Embassy to the tax-payers however he never revealed any figures.

The Observer understands that apart from the rental space for the actual Consulate, the government of St. Kitts –Nevis was paying over $100,000US each year for Woodley’s posh high rise apartment. The government was also footing the bill for Woodley’s vehicle, A BMW X5.

The Observer was also reliably informed that since Woodley has refused to leave the premises, the relevant Ministries within the new administration are taking the necessary steps to address the situation.

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