Laville released, but investigation continues


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – The actions of former independent Member of Parliament Romain Lavile have seemingly caught up with him. He was detained yesterday, Thursday, by the National Detectives (Landsrecherche) in relation to his death threats against fellow former MP Jules James in 2012. Laville was released in the evening after intense questioning, but the investigation continues.

Prosecutor Tineka Kamps confirmed to Laville’s detainment to 721 News. The reasons for the detainment were the threat made with a firearm James on June 11, 2012, similar threats against well-known calypsoian I. York on November 28, 2012, and possibly illegal firearm possession.

Two firearms were confiscated at the time of Laville’s detainment by authorities.

James had filed a complaint against Laville in June 2012 after a heated argument between the two in Parliament House.

Laville told James in front of numerous witnesses, including fellow MPs, that if he had his gun he would shoot James. He also challenged James to a fight.

Laville started to speak to James about what he considered James’ constant jabs about him leaving the United People’s (UP) party. The conversation escalated with Laville threatening to hit James and threatening his life. Fellow MPs swung into action to put distance between the two men.

Among the witnesses to the skirmish were then Finance Minister Roland Tuitt and his staff and some Parliament staff.

In another incident, Dow filed a complaint with authorities after Laville supposedly showed him a gun in a somewhat threatening manner.

In 2013, the then independent MP was interrogated by Kingdom Cooperation Team RST about the two incidents.

Story by Andrew Dick/SXM News Room