Suspected NLS member extradited to Curaçao



DOMINICAN REPUBLIC / CURACAO – The Supreme Court in the Dominican Republic has approved the extradition of  one of the leaders of the criminal organization “No Limit Soldiers” (NLS) with the initials U.L.W. to Curaçao. U.L.W. has been extradited to Curaçao.  

Curaçao requested extradition to the Dominican authorities on February 7, 2023. U.L.W.’s  extradition proceedings lasted for a year because U.L.W. decided to contest the extradition. This  completes another part of the ongoing THEMIS INVESTIGATION.  

The THEMIS INVESTIGATION is an investigation into a criminal organization suspected of  committing and/or instigating murder, large-scale narcotics trafficking and money laundering in  the territories of both Curaçao and St. Maarten. In the INVESTIGATION THEMIS Part I, four  suspects have already been convicted. Two suspects are on appeal.

The investigation is ongoing  and more arrests are not excluded. The proceedings of INVESTIGATION THEMIS Part II and Part  III will continue in October and December 2024, respectively.