Shooting Incident at Simpson-Bay Night Club



SIMPSONBAY, Sint Maarten — KPSM is issuing this press release to provide further details regarding a shooting incident that occurred in the vicinity of a well-known night club located in Simpson-Bay in the early hours of Sunday, April 14th, 2024.

At approximately 04:00 AM, central police dispatch of KPSM received multiple urgent calls reporting several persons shot near the aforementioned night club. In response, several police patrols were immediately dispatched to the location.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers encountered a young male victim lying on the opposite side of the club, showing no signs of life. Additionally, it was reported that two other male victims and one female victim sustained gunshot wounds during the incident. One of these victims was found behind the supermarket located next to the night club.

This individual was promptly treated at the scene and transported to Sint Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) in a serious but stable condition. Subsequently, this victim was transferred to the medical center on the French side of Sint Maarten for further medical attention. The other two victims had already been transported to the hospital on the French side before the arrival of police and detectives.

Personnel from the detective department are currently conducting a thorough investigation into this incident. It is pertinent to note an increase in the number of persons being arrested with firearms recently. KPSM reminds individuals that firearm possession is a serious offense and will be dealt with accordingly.

Considering the imminent commencement of the main part of Carnival in the coming days, the police will be implementing strict measures against individuals found in possession of weapons or drugs. Measures are being taken to ensure the safety and security of the upcoming Carnival festivities.

Detectives urge anyone with information about this shooting to contact the Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM via +1 721- 542 2222 ext. 204 / 205, the anonymous tip line 9300, visit or leave a direct private message via Facebook page: St. Maarten Police Force – St. Maarten Police Force.