Integrity Chamber Releases 2022 Annual Report 



The Integrity Chamber presented its 2022 Annual Report to the Honourable Prime Minister, Ms.  Silveria Jacobs, on August 25, 2023. The report provides a summary of the activities of the Integrity  Chamber and information on the history, structure, and statistics of the organization.  

The Integrity Chamber spent its third operational year laying the groundwork for a government and  society built on integrity. This was done by actively promoting the importance of integrity, not only  to the Government, its entities, and companies, but also to the public.  

To strengthen the integrity infrastructure of the organizations, the Integrity Chamber submitted two  (2) advices and proposals to the government and its entities. The Integrity Chamber registered eight (8) inquiries, three (3) notifications of suspected misconducts, completed one (1) preliminary  investigation, and started two (2) comprehensive investigations.  

Under the task of awareness, the Integrity Chamber conducted various activities, such as information and integrity sessions within various ministries and departments and Meet and Greet events at various community centers. The “Let’s Talk About Integrity” video series was launched in the second  half of the year. The videos featured interviews with prominent Sint Maarteners and allowed for a  more informal approach to discussing integrity.  

The Integrity Chamber is proud of the opportunity to serve the people of Sint Maarten and looks  forward to the continued promotion of integrity in 2023. The 2022 Annual Report of the Integrity  Chamber can be obtained from the website at