In Total Disagreement

George Pantophlet


I am in total disagreement with caretaker State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen that the countries are the only ones responsible to initiate criminal proceedings against those that emptied the reserves of pension and life insurance company Ennia. There were two court cases in which we did and in both the ruling was in Ennia’s favor.

But Mr. Ansary still refuses to repay the 1.2 billion guilders. This has to be played out at an international level where the Netherlands are the ones who are responsible for such.

See Kingdom Charter article 3 sub b unless I am misinterpreting this article or can I use article 37 sub b? What does these mean? I don’t know who asked the Dutch government to intervene in our internal affairs. Did Curacao or St. Maarten seek assistance from the Dutch? I don’t think so. Was it not the State Secretary in an article appearing in the Daily Herald of May 23, 2023 who as condition for the countries to get favorable interest rate for the repaying of the liquidity support loans that are due October 10, 2023 make the Ennia situation part of such. Is it assistance or an opportunity to make a profit at the cost of our taxpayers and the continuation of neocolonialism? The State Secretary said that the money would come back. If this is the case then they should make the direct investment.

What did the demissionair Prime Minister Mark Rutte and King Willem Alexander mean with their apologies? Interestingly although the Committee For Financial Supervision which was established by a Kingdom Law,(not a Kingdom consensus Law because there is no such law in the Kingdom Charter), state and I quote the editorial of September 10, 2023, “However, according to CFT, doing so (referring to the intended 600 million euro loan) will cause a deterioration of public finances, increase the national debt and severely limit government’s ability to make productive investments” end of quote. What lack of resources is the Persecutor’s office in Willemstad referring to?

Can someone please explain to me how is it possible for the Dutch government to make 2.5 billion euros available for the Ukraine war and promise of more assistance with no conditions attached? They have increased their Defense Budget by some 10 billion euros but forcing loans on us? Let me quote what King Willem Alexander said “support for Ukraine was undiminished” end of quote. He said in his speech and I quote “this year’s apology for the history of slavery as a moment of when emotions went hand in hand with healing and connection end of quote.

What healing when they continue with business as usual? When at the same time they are forcing additional loans on us knowing that it will burden our taxpayers and put undue pressure on our future financial investments and development. What speedy solution are they inferring? There is no speedy solution since we all know the history of Mr. Ansary and the owners of Mullet Bay.

They have the legal and financial resources to pursuit the likes of Mr. Ansary. In the meantime they can start by paying the 600 million euro’s to Ennia insurance company as a beginning of reparations then I would feel that their apologies were sincere. And why are they still using the royal (colonial) carriage which is a clear reminder of slavery. The very fact that there are conditions, the very fact that they are only talking of loans and more loans is a clear indication that their apologies are just words in the sand that will blow away with the wind. I am in total disagreement.

MP George Pantophlet