Unlawful Behavior of Students Damaging Vehicles and Endangering Public Safety



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (KPSM) — Sint Maarten Police Force together with community officers of KPMS, is taking the opportunity to address the concerning incidents of unlawful behavior involving students from several local schools. Recent reports have highlighted incidents where students engaged in destructive actions, including the hurling of objects, rocks, and bricks at vehicles traversing public roads near school premises. These acts of recklessness jeopardize the safety of the public and reflect a disregard for both legal norms and the well-being of others.

Upon reviewing one piece of video evidence of these incidents, personnel of the Sint Maarten Police Force/ community police officers approached the school predominantly linked to these activities. A meeting was conducted with the parents and guardians of several students involved, wherein the potential legal liabilities stemming from the actions of their minor children were emphasized.

During this meeting, the community officers further underscored the potential consequences of the students’ behavior. The gravity of their actions, not only in terms of endangering public safety but also in terms of potential legal ramifications, was clearly communicated

The Sint Maarten Police Force, remains committed to a unified approach in addressing this issue effectively. The collaboration between law enforcement, school administrations, parents, and community leaders are integral to instilling a sense of responsibility and respect within the youth. By working together, we aim to create an environment where all individuals can thrive.

KPSM encourages anyone with information related to these incidents or had their vehicle damaged to come forward, call the police station on +17215422222 or the tip line at 9300 if you wish to remain anonymous.