Lippia Alba Tea partners with Antillean shop E-Toko 



As of today, Lippia Alba Thea has entered into a partnership with the Antillean webshop E-Toko, which specialises in Caribbean, American & Latin American products. With this collaboration, the tropical tea is available throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe.

Today Lippia Alba Tea has entered into a partnership with E-Toko. The collaboration means that Lippia Alba’s products are available in the E-Toko webshop. E-Toko, a webshop specialised in Caribbean products, delivers everywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. 

Lippia Alba tea can call itself an E-Toko home-E. But what is that? “E-toko home-Es are entrepreneurs who, in addition to doing business, also are looking to affect society positively,” says Gabriel Schobbe, head of marketing at E-Toko, “By entering into long-term cooperation with like-minded entrepreneurs, we can support and empower the Antillean and Aruban community in the Netherlands and in the Caribbean.”

E-Toko developed the Home-E’s concept to connect Caribbean entrepreneurs. “As an Antillean entrepreneur in Holland, we have already experienced a few things. We believe that by long-term cooperation with entrepreneurs with high-quality products in combination with our service, we can offer our customers the best experience.” According to Jason Steba director of E-Toko. 

Lippia Alba tea is an authentic tea that is harvested on Curaçao and is also used daily on the other islands of Aruba, St. Maarten, Bonaire, Statia and Saba. Sandro Arrindell owner of Lippia Alba Tea, “Our tea is a delicious organic tea. It is grown without pesticides, genetic modification or fertilizers. It can also act as a health boost.” To celebrate this new collaboration, there is a special promotion from August 21 to September 3. Lippia Alba tea and other Antillean and Aruban products are available on E-Toko’s website and social media channels. Visit E-toko’s website at for more information.