Joining the Party for Progress



Dear fellow Sint Maarteners,

I want to start by addressing those of you who might be feeling indifferent about casting your vote as we stand at the crossroads of another crucial election season. It’s not uncommon to hear the sentiment that “all politicians are the same,” and that “regardless of who you vote for, nothing truly changes.” I understand this feeling of disillusionment, as I, too, have felt the despair that many of us on the island feel. 

Instead of merely complaining about it, I chose to take action several years ago and started writing articles that focused on raising awareness on crucial topics such as integrity, accountability, good leadership, and vision. However, as I delved deeper into these matters, it became evident that the island was stuck in a negative cycle that words alone couldn’t break. This realization led me to make the challenging decision; to step into the political arena, even though it wasn’t a path I had initially envisioned for myself, I felt compelled to make that step.

That’s why I have made a profound decision to join the Party for Progress (PFP), a decision rooted in a genuine belief that this party is a beacon of hope for a better St. Maarten. Why PFP, you might ask? Because, it’s the only party that aligns with my vision, morals, and ethics. PFP is not just another political entity; it’s a movement that resonates with the values I hold dear as expressed in my many articles over the years. 

It’s a party that understands that our island deserves elected representatives who are not just in politics for personal gains but for the collective good. Even in this, my announcement for running with the PFP, I’m emphasizing the importance of making it about the party and its principles, not about me as an individual. There will be other opportunities for that in the coming months, as I’m inviting you to follow along in the journey. 

The PFP operates with a comprehensive set of policies, rules, and guidelines designed to ensure that the Party takes precedence over individual representation during the election campaign. This manifests in various ways:

  • Candidates are required to participate in radio interviews, town hall meetings, discussions, and any public political events as pairs. This approach has been emulated by other parties, a testament to its effectiveness, and we embrace this trend.
  • A predetermined quantity of campaign materials is allocated to each candidate. Regardless of your number on the list, the initial allocation remains consistent. While candidates have the option to supplement this, there are restrictions in place. This equitable distribution prevents any one member from dominating the spotlight, preserving the unity of the Party as a collective front.
  • Candidates are encouraged to have funding flow through the party instead of to individual candidates.
  • Candidates are encouraged to endorse the Party as a whole, advocating for a vote for PFP over any specific individual.
  • Every major Party decision is reached collectively, devoid of individual mandates.
  • Lastly, the party prioritizes quality over quantity. Ensuring that each selected member undergoes a thorough vetting process and possesses the right mindset is more crucial than simply aiming to fill every slot on the list to maximize votes.

These guidelines represent merely a fraction of what makes PFP unique among political organizations. We openly invite other parties to embrace these principles if they recognize their worth. Leaders often set the trend for others to follow. Our overarching goal is to transform the entire political landscape on the island, pushing boundaries and raising the bar. Our island stands in need of leaders who genuinely care about transparency, accountability, and the welfare of every citizen. 

PFP, for me, represents the embodiment of these ideals. It’s a party that doesn’t shy away from standing up for what’s right, even if it means going against the tide. This party has demonstrated time and again that they are committed to being the voice of the people, valuing integrity above all.

In a political landscape often overshadowed by cynicism, the Party for Progress shines as a beacon of optimism. It’s not just about another election; it’s about a movement that envisions an island where progress is not just a buzzword, but a reality. Our future should be defined by positive change, forward momentum, and a genuine commitment to the people.

So, to all those who might be questioning whether their vote matters, I’m here to say it absolutely does! Let’s prove the naysayers wrong and be a part of a movement that will redefine our political landscape. Let’s cast our votes not out of obligation but out of a shared conviction that change is possible. By joining the Party for Progress, I’m not just choosing a party; I’m choosing to believe in the power of democracy and the potential of our island. 

And so I kindly ask you to follow along in this journey. One that doesn’t end come election night but is set to take place for years to come! Let’s rise above indifference and be the change-makers we’ve been waiting for. Let’s make our voices heard through the ballot box, and let’s choose the Party for Progress—a party that stands for the ideals we hold dear, a party that embodies the change we wish to see.

Together, let’s embark on a journey of progress, unity, and a brighter future for St. Maarten.

With Hope and Determination,

David Salomon