Caribbean Speaks Unveils Game-Changing Online Business Directory



CARIBBEAN SPEAKS,Caribbean Speaks, a pioneering online platform dedicated to supporting and amplifying businesses across the Caribbean region, is thrilled to announce the launch of its comprehensive online Business Directory. This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant milestone in Caribbean Speaks’ mission to provide an engaging and accessible platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and grow together.

The official Launch will be held on a Facebook Live on , on Tuesday, August 1, 2023 at 5:00 PM CST / 6PM EST. Register for the event at Caribbean Speaks Launch on

In a digital age, Caribbean Speaks seeks to bridge gaps by facilitating seamless connections between businesses, consumers, and service providers across various industries. The new Business Directory, with its easy-to-use interface and intuitive search features, sets the stage for a dynamic and exciting journey in Caribbean commerce.

“At Caribbean Speaks, our vision is to empower Caribbean businesses and entrepreneurs by giving them a powerful platform to promote their services and reach a wider audience,” said Belkis Clarke-Mitcham, Founder of Caribbean Speaks. “Our new Business Directory is a testament to this vision. It brings the diverse and vibrant Caribbean business landscape to your fingertips.”

The directory offers an array of features to enhance user experience and business visibility. These include:

Extensive Business Directory: A comprehensive directory covering a vast range of sectors, making it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

User Reviews: Real, honest reviews from genuine users to guide informed decisions.

SEO-Optimized Listings: Ensuring businesses get found on search engines, thus increasing their visibility and reach.

Personalized Recommendations: Intelligent recommendations based on users’ preferences and interactions.

Whether you’re a startup, an established business, or an individual with a passion for Caribbean business, Caribbean Speaks is ready to usher you into a new era of prosperity and connectivity. The platform isn’t just a business directory—it’s a thriving community for everyone committed to the Caribbean’s growth.

Caribbean Speaks invites everyone to explore the new Business Directory and experience the future of Caribbean business today.

To learn more about Caribbean Speaks and the new Business Directory, please visit our website at or email us at