A promise made is a promise kept…



Speaking about promises, let’s talk about the hospital.  It has been not one, not two but three years since promises have been made to ensure that the hospital is realized.  Do we need to make promises to paint the building green and orange to ensure that we have enough rooms for our people who are now being shipped overseas?

They don’t even have the option of passing away in the country of their loved ones because we do not have the capacity to take care of them here.  Some of you are well aware of how emotionally challenging it is, after learning about the passing of a loved one, to try to bring them back to St. Maarten.  Some of you have had negative experiences being in an environment and not being able to properly communicate with the community around you.

We can validate as many doctors as we need to but it will not give us the carrying capacity to ensure that these doctors have the rooms, space and equipment to work with.  Let’s start focusing on the bigger picture.  Let us land the helicopter and take a spaceship view and really see the bigger picture of what is going on.  You won’t even have to take a Coursera course to do this.  All you have to do is think about the importance of the long-term projects that have been either halted/ slowed down or compromised and where we are now as a country.

People of St. Maarten.  Do not be fooled by these short-term efforts that will have long term consequences.  When will we experience the first floor of the hospital?  When will we realize real dates and real timelines for the different stages of the hospital?  Anyone who has built a house, or any project knows that you’re supposed to have timelines and budgets in place.  When will we the people see these timelines and budget lines?

We are one day closer to elections.  Do not be fooled by the lies and smoke screen of people who want to hang on to the low hanging fruit of publicity while the country suffers from hunger…

Vote for consistency,
Vote for truth,
Vote for transparency,

Let’s Elect Wilson, Gromyko L.N.V. (USP party)