CDFHA hosts info sessions on hurricane preparedness



Great Bay – The Department of Community Development, Family & Humanitarian Affairs (CDFHA) is proud it announce its second “Get Ready, Get Prepared” information session on hurricane preparedness in May 2023 from 6.30pm – 8pm. Further, the objectives of the information sessions is to:

  1. Increase community/residents awareness on the different aspects of hurricane preparedness;
  2. Empower residents with knowledge, tools and skills to engage in advanced planning and effectively prepare and respond during or after an emergency or disaster.

The weekly sessions will be held in;
St. Peters Community Center ( 8 & 9 May 2023);
Dutch Quarter Community Center (15 & 16 May 2023);
The Seven Adventist School, Cole Bay (May 22 & 23 2023) and the
Sister Marie Laurence primary school, Middle Region (May 29 & 30 2023).

The topics include (1) “First aid & CPR”, (2) “Hurricane/tropical cyclone Development”,(3)“Evacuating minors”, (4) “Strengthening your mental & emotional wellbeing before and after a storm”, (5) “Hurricane insurance”, (6) “Enhanced Vulnerability & Capacity Assessment”, (7) “Safety & security”, (8) “Shelter management”.

For more information, please feel free to send us an email at, or contact any of the following Help Desks: Cole Bay Help Desk 1721-5204315; St. Peters Community Help Desk 1721-5203418; Dutch Quarter Community Help Desk 1721-5207651.