SZV shares latest updates on construction of new office building



PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten — Social & Health Insurances SZV shares the latest updates pertaining to the construction of the New SZV Building and Community Wellness Unit in Cay Hill. SZV updates include the collaboration with the Department of Sport and the National Sports Institute (NSI) and opportunity for local subcontractors to join in the second stage of the Contractor tender process.

The SZV office and Community Wellness Unit are part of Government’s development plans for Cay Hill, which include the improvement of the tennis court, a multi-purpose field for basketball, netball, volleyball, football, and hockey, and the integration and upgrade of the existing playground. SZV will be consulting the Department of Sport and the NSI in plans for the upgrade of the sports facilities. SZV looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with the NSI to provide accessible sport options to all.

Furthermore, SZV has recently concluded its first stage for selecting the contractor for the new SZV office building. In November 2022, Social & Health Insurances SZV started with a public tender seeking contractors following two stages. In the first stage, the ‘Pre-selection of Qualified Tenderers,’ SZV received five (5) submissions from interested contractors in reply to the “Request for Information.”

After the closing of the first stage, the Evaluation Committee evaluated the five (5) submissions for the pre-selection. Based on the evaluation, the following two (2) companies (in alphabetical order) were selected as Qualified Tenderers for the construction project:

Liccom N.V.
Windward Roads B.V.

These two (2) companies met the minimum criteria that were set in the Request for Information.

SZV will invite these two (2) Qualified Tenderers to participate in the second stage of the ‘Construction Tender,’ which is expected to start at the end of February 2023. Included in the minimum criteria of stage two is that the qualified tenderers are to team up with local subcontractors to offer their bids.

The construction of the new office building for SZV is set to save the organization on average two (2) million Antillian guilders per year on rent. Part of the agreement with the Government of Sint Maarten is that the long lease fees that SZV has to pay to Government (in Dutch: erfpachtcanon) will be settled against the debt of Government.

The building contributes to creating a healthier and flexible work environment for SZV employees, improving access for visiting clients and its surroundings becomes a welcoming and eco-friendly community space for events, daily wellness routines, and (family) recreation.