Gordon-Carty: Bread making law would create employment, protect the trade and contribute to supermarkets with their own bakery setups

Pamela Gordon - Carty, leader of the United St. Maarten Party


Former Minister of VSA Gordon-Carty continues her work to help reduce unemployment

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten –– Leader of the USP party, Pamela Gordon-Carty, who was Sint Maarten’s Minister of Health, Social Development and Labor in 2019-2020 shepherded laws to increase employment among citizens, is continuing with her efforts to protect workers and children.

In March 2022, after she left office, she presented a law to strengthen protections for children threatened with sexual abuse.

In July 2022, Gordon-Carty presented another drafted law to create a balanced and transparent system, ensuring that employers comply with their legal obligation to exercise all efforts to fill their vacancies first and foremost with suitable candidates on Sint Maarten before contracting foreign employment.

Gordon-Carty also drafted a law establishing a mandatory annual quota for businesses to hire a “first-time youngster” between the ages of 18 to 26, in exchange for declaring 35 percent of the employees’ salary as a tax refundable “donation.” The proposal will be booked after the law is presented to the public and discussions are held to hear the public’s views on it.

Additionally, Gordon-Carty is introducing a law stating that if a young entrepreneur (or anyone unemployed who is age 40 and over) wants to start a bread making business, he or she will be granted the opportunity.

Gordon-Carty said supermarkets with their own bakery setups will not be jeopardized, as they can continue making pastries and other bakery items. “Nowadays, all supermarkets have their own bakery but why not share the cake so that everyone can earn a living,” she said.

Bread making is a trade that can be passed on to the younger generation and can’t be taken away, Gordon-Carty continued. Bread makers can easily generate an income that will feed a family and allow them to live a dignified life.

The bill proposes that, after being qualified to bake bread, a bread maker would deliver bread on a daily basis to supermarkets in their district. Supermarkets will give an approximate amount of how much bread they sell daily so their sales aren’t affected and demand will be covered.

“The younger generation will now have an opportunity to work without having to invest in a car or bus fees to reach their job,” Gordon-Carty said. “It means less stress, as they can walk to and from their job and be in compliance with on-time work ethics. It can help with their self-esteem and contribute to a reduction in unemployment.”

“Responsible governing should entail that decisions taken contribute positively to government ability to promote the fundamental rights of the people based on the constitution. Decisions made contrary to these principles will stifle our growth potential today and for generations to come,” Gordon-Carty has said.