Parliament establishes St. Maarten Women’s Parliamentary Caucus 

Photo: Parliament of Sint Maarten  


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, in its Public meeting of Parliament no. 08, the Parliament of Sint Maarten voted on and unanimously approved a motion presented by Member of Parliament S.A. Wescot-Williams. The motion resolves to establish a St. Maarten Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, as a platform to debate on current issues predominantly affecting a large segment if not the whole community, to liaise with stakeholders and others, and to analyze and propose solutions, policies and legislation. 

Women’s caucuses establish cross-party cooperation and unite women parliamentarians from different political parties around issues they all can support, helping them rise above political tensions to fight for women’s causes or collaborate on other policy issues. Women’s caucuses can also work in other policy areas, not necessarily focused on women, analysing a broad range of issues from a gender perspective, and addressing the needs of other marginalized groups, especially children. Women’s caucuses help to build the capacity of women parliamentarians, organizing and providing support and training to make them better members. 

All female Members of the Parliament of Sint Maarten are welcomed to become a member of this Women’s Parliamentary Caucus. Others can be admitted as extra ordinary members such as former Members of Parliament, the Island Council of the island territory of Sint Maarten, women in politics and women with political aspirations. 

This will be recorded as an historic day for the Parliament of Sint Maarten (November 30, 2022) officially marks the establishment of the very first Women’s Parliamentary Caucus named “Women in Parliament” (WIP).”