MP Wescot-Williams again challenges the legitimacy of the NA/UP Government, in the absence of any agreement that shows that at least 8 members are in support of this government.



“It’s total disrespect to the parliament and the people”.

“We can recall how the support of two new/additional members was announced at the end of June, more than 5 months ago”.

Notwithstanding my request for an official communique to parliament; notwithstanding my request for a debate of the government’s year plan for the 2022-2023 parliamentary year, it remains a  deafening silence.”

In all of this, the appointment of a Tourism, Economic Affairs, Telecommunication and Transportation minister  remains shrouded in mystery, the MP added,  “and one can not help but wonder why”.

The candidate for this post is public knowledge, so what is the issue? MP Wescot wonders.

Divulging what the delay is takes nothing away from protecting the individual’s information, the MP added. “Again it is about respect and transparency”,

“My most recent letter, submitted on November 25th, is  asking the Prime Minister to shed light on this matter, and again  I am asking that the agreement underpinning this government‘s actions be shared with parliament and the public large. It is disrespectful how parliament and the people are treated by this council of ministers.”

In her letter to the Prime Minister,  MP Wescot-Williams referred to a statement alluding that an amended  “coalition agreement” was provided to the governor, His Excellency Ajamu Baly and asks that parliament receives this document post haste,

The member of parliament concludes her letter requesting that the document or any other document proving that the present Council of Ministers enjoys the support of a majority of members of parliament, be shared with the parliament and the conditions of this support.