Le Sommet Foundation in collaboration with HASMA, has embarked on a mission to help others during this Christmas season.

In the Picture are Ms. Dorian Nijs from the Dr. J foundation & Fabio Doralice President of the Le Sommet Foundation.


We understand times are hard, and for many, this holiday season may not be as festive as the ones before. In light of this, Le Sommet foundation & HASMA have decided to assemble and distribute Christmas care packages to various families, community and social well-being organizations throughout the island.

“These selfless acts of kindness should be the norm within our community, too often we hear the saying “be your brother’s keeper” but it seldom goes beyond words. I implore everyone to give back via whatever means they have, whether it’s through volunteering, visiting the sick or elderly, or donating to charities or individuals in need. – Fabio Doralice, President of Le Sommet Foundation.