U 2 Can Move annual Sip & Chat to host a distinguished array of speakers, focusing on health and fitness, self-care and much more.



Commenting on the event, MP Wescot, founder of U 2 Can Move remarked that we are in the month of October, a month during which we honor our elderly, pay tribute to our teachers and observe breast cancer awareness, and she took the opportunity to salute these 2 groups of persons in our community, for their past and present contributions in shaping our nation.

As part of the October breast cancer awareness program, U 2 Can Move will host an evening of informative speeches and motivational presentations, U 2 Can Move founder, MP Wescot explained and added: “I can’t stress enough how important it is to look after our health and listen to our bodies.”

“Medical institutions, government and the business sector on St. Maarten have again partnered with foundations such as the Positive Foundation to offer free screening to women, focusing on breast cancer and other cancers. I implore persons to make use of these opportunities.”

I look forward to the day when screening will become mandatory for illnesses that wreak havoc, such as cancer. With the tools available to us, we can prevent much of the devastating effects that undiagnosed and untreated cancers can have, added MP Wescot.
“Early detection not only saves lives, it allows for a more dignified and meaningful life for those fighting and living with cancer.”

U 2 Can Move promotes one of the three important elements of health, namely exercise and activity, which together with diet and nutrition contribute to the overall wellbeing of individuals and the community at large.

“During the event on Saturday, we have several dynamic speakers and presenters, amongst whom Dr. Chobanjan and Ms. Energy Evans. We will be hearing about the disease vitiligo, and have a talk about natural herbs. A fashion display and poetic rendition will complement these talks.”

The event to be held this Saturday at the John Larmonie Center from 6 to 9 pm is free, but donations to the Positive Foundation are most welcome.

”I just want women and men to realize what a difference early detection and diagnosis can make and I want the community at large to understand that preventative care benefits us all and will in the long run benefit the country financially and socially. With this in mind, I commend the voluntary organizations and businesses that play their part in ensuring a healthier St. Maarten, especially for those otherwise deprived of such”, MP Wescot-Williams concluded.