Gordon- Carty: Lack of Responsible Leadership eroding Country’s Moral Code

Pamela Gordon - Carty, leader of the United St. Maarten Party


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Mrs. Pamela Gordon-Carty, Leader of the United St. Maarten Party on Sunday expressed grave concern with the manner in which issues of public concern are handled in the country.

“We seem to enjoy the demise and slander of our fellow citizens depending on who they are and what the accusations are against them. Disappointment and compassion have been replaced by social media slander and gossip; we no longer consider the impact of our actions on the families of the accused before they have had their day in court. Why do we enjoy the slandering of our own?” asked Gordon-Carty.

Gordon-Carty alluded to the recent case of alleged embezzlement at the receiver’s office. The name of a civil servant and pictures made the rounds on social media within hours of the incident going public. We are sometimes quick to break our own people without giving them a fair opportunity to state their case. The accused is automatically tried and found guilty in the court of public opinion before ever even making a statement.

“What is so amazing to me beyond my understanding is while some get away scott-free with proof of having committed a wrong, others get their names dragged through the mud embarrassing their families and emotionally scaring their children with no apologies for the irreversible damage when accusations turn out to be unfounded. It has happened too many times in our small community to be excused or casually dismissed.”

“When I look back at targeted individuals whose families have been put under scrutiny, and been ostracized by the public because of either incomplete, misleading or wrong information, I see that all the stories have one thing in common; they are all locals,” said Gordon-Carty.

“As a community we are quick to circulate images and spew negative without a second thought forcing the system to sometimes unjustifiably slap individuals on the wrist to justify the apprehension rather than face having to make an apology. This is wrong and as a society we have to be mindful of things that we normalize,” continued Gordon-Carty.

Things that should be blown out of proportion are kept hush hush, no images no full names, and no legal intervention. One’s social standing in our society should not make you a target nor should it shield you from wrong doings or irresponsible behavior when in a position of leadership.

As a leader in our community, I am appealing to the citizens of country St. Maarten to be mindful of adopting and accepting behavior that is not part of our moral code and culture. Let’s consider the effects our actions can have on the innocent parties that are associated to the accused, especially their children. Afford the accused the opportunity of having their day in court before ruining their livelihoods by finding them guilty in the court of public opinion.

That energy would be better served prioritizing and publicly discussing issues that contribute to the well-being and safety of our families and country St. Maarten.

“The eradication of white-collar crime, human trafficking, domestic violence, the eradication of child sex abuse, tax evasion and creative money laundering are some of the prevalent increasing crimes on country St. Maarten. Let’s adapt an online culture of positivity and growth, reflective of the moral standards by which we were raised, don’t sit back and enjoy other people’s demise,” continued Gordon-Carty.

“‘The laws that protect whistle blowers need to be adopted, the law on the 12.5 % cut needs to be retracted, a hiring quota for young people needs to be established, and the US Party’s proposed amendment to the child sex abuse law needs to be passed before another innocent victim is faced with the harsh reality of not being able to get justice. Those are my top picks, what are yours?” asked Gordon Carty.

Leaders are supposed to identify the issues that are plaguing their citizens and take necessary actions to address them. They have to be mature enough to see pass their own short comings and recognize the benefits of legislation proposed by individuals other than themselves. “Any MP that fosters an environment that allows for the deterioration of the country’s social fabric through suppression is unbecoming of being called a leader. The addition or amending of laws that enhance the safety, economic and mental disposition of our citizens needs to be made a priority now.

“US Party will continue to propose laws in order to strengthen the country’s position and create a prosperous environment for future generation because St. Maarten people deserves better,” concluded Gordon Carty.