What Would You Do If You Were Homeless 



~ Living in America is hard, just like anywhere else ~

Pompano Beach, Florida — If you are a black family of four living in Florida with two incomes you would expect to be safe in your house, well-fed and content. Never would you expect to be homeless, broke and living on the streets at the start of the COVID pandemic outbreak.

This is what happened to Dwight Thompson and his family in 2020. The book he has published is called PIVOT and it details his mental health journey as he experiences the family’s homeless situation and works his way out of poverty.

With his wife and two daughters unhoused and homeless, with the finances and credit in shambles, and as the father, man of the house and provider, Dwight believes it is his fault.

This is his story from growing up in Dutch Quarter, St. Maarten to raising a family in Pompano Beach, Florida, Dwight Thompson has been on a journey to becoming a better person. If you ever met Dwight you will know he is dependable, driven, passionate and committed to life. The question then is how does this promising young man end up living on the streets with his family, struggling to buy bread and basic feminine products?

Dwight began writing PIVOT in April 2021 as individual books and finally published all 5 books as one volume in March 2022 through Amazon.com. PIVOT tells the story of Dwight”s personal struggle with physical, financial, spiritual and mental health through poetry, prose and short stories.

PIVOT, the first Volume of PINECONES & SPACESHIPS, is available through Amazon.com as an e-book and paperback. The hardcover is a beautiful photo of the author gazing into the subset in the Florida Everglades as he contemplates his life choices. There is no dignity in suffering in silence.

For more information, please visit https://beacons.ai/thewritewarrior or Dwight Thompson on Facebook as himself.

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Author Bio: Dwight Thompson is a Christian poet, business writer and Euro-Caribbean self-published author born in St. Kitts, raised on St. Maarten and living in the United States. PIVOT, Volume I of Pinecones & Spaceships is his first book