The opposition factions Emmanuel, PFP and UD called a press conference today



In a somewhat unprecedented move, 3 opposition factions have called a  joint press conference for Thursday, January 27th at 2 pm.

It has been stated that these factions are totally upset by the arrogance of the government of Sint Maarten and its supporting factions in parliament. This is a new level of disregard for the minority in parliament.

While the factions of Emmanuel, UD and PFP have voiced their discontent throughout the budgetary proceedings, their arguments fell on deaf ears and all kind of childish arguments continue to be thrown at  the MPs who question this modus operandi of the coalition.

It is beyond comprehension that not only was there no consideration for the arguments brought forward by the opposition members, but the warnings against passing the budget at this juncture from the legal sector were also  callously brushed aside.

The advice by the Council of Advice from December 2021 had the same observation. Without that written consent for deviation from the Kingdom Council of Ministers, only a balanced budget can be approved, unless we want to be in contravention.

What do we see instead? Not only the unbalanced budget, presented by government, but amendments  to the budget flying left and right.

And when faced with the truth, what do we get? The old school intimation tactics: how will civil servants and others be paid, if we don’t approve the budget? Well, how were the civil servants paid in 2021, when the budget 2021 was only approved on July 1, 2021.

“You would think that the wiser heads in the coalition would take the lead in this type of situations. But no, to the contrary. I guess, now that big egos have prevailed, the budget will be quietly held back until the opportune time, whenever that is. However you turn or twist it, this budget saga is far from over”, stated MP Wescot-Williams.