Minister of Justice Richardson visits Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School and reviews Safety & Security



GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Minister of Justice Hon. Ana Richardson visited the Asha Stevens Hillside Christian Schools on Friday, January 14.

“After receiving an email and invitation on Thursday, January 13th, from the Executive Assistant at the Asha Stevens Hillside Christian Schools to witness an alarming practice that the school is seeking assistance with, I opted not to delay the visit and made it there this morning (Friday).

“The remnants of Hurricane Irma are still visible throughout the island with what at times may appear as minute factors but carrying great significance for the safety and security of our daily lives.

“I am referring to traffic signs. It is evident that many of these no longer exist in the vicinity of the school. Signs that say, “School Zone,” “No Entrance,” and “Slow Zone” all appear to be signs that once stood there but now it’s just a severed poll. Even the large zebra crossing has since faded or rather the harsh forces eroded the paint from lining out clearness that it’s a pedestrian (student/child) crossing.

“Though this is the Hillside school I visited today, I have no doubt that other schools are also experiencing similar issues.

“Of course, I will communicate with my colleagues and relevant departments to have this matter receive the attention needed. In this COVID-19 era, however, and with our current active cases being high, many departments are affected and as such, the turn-around time is expected to be a slow one. As such, I’m asking for unity in the community…. Share this post as we ask all parents to not only think of the safety of their child but that of all children.

“Please drive slow in the school zone!!! Be mindful when reversing from parking spaces that a little one could possibly be walking behind your vehicle. Use your turn signals to indicate your next move. Please, please, please do not enter roads you know are one-way streets and use the opposite intended direction.

“Thank you in advance to all who read this post and will join in the unity drive as a community to share it with others. We seek for all motorists to be aware of our young ones who are using the public roads to commute to and from school.”


PHOTO: Minister of Justice Hon. Ana Richardson (3rd from left) standing outside the school’s main entrance with school officials on Friday.