Sarah: “Protest Actions on the French Side Deserve Our Urgent Attention; ‘Wait-and-see’ is Not Good Enough.”



Philipsburg, St. Maarten — Member of Parliament, Sarah Wescot-Williams, in a recent statement addressed her concerns regarding the recent protests on the French side of the island and has called on both Governments to act.

“The protests that are taking place on Saint Martin are serious. I think it is extremely concerning what is transpiring here on Saint Martin, and the blockades and destruction that are taking place at the different border sites should be taken seriously by all leaders. Our Ministers, here on the southern side cannot sit back and see how things will develop on the northern side. This is no longer a French side issue, but it is an issue that is affecting the entire Saint Martin more and more. Observing what is taking place is not enough! The leaders, in this case the Council of Ministers or representatives of the Council of Ministers as well as representatives of the local French administration should meet urgently to discuss this situation.” the MP opined.

“They should be constantly apprised of any developments that take place in the context of these protests, that include the blocking of roads between the two sides of the island. We need to get a handle on the situation and I believe that our Ministers are called to act”, Wescot-Williams emphasized.

November 11, we will be celebrating Saint Martin Day and it would be wonderful if rather than speeches telling the world how resilient Saint Martin people are, we try and solve some of the issues right here at home. “Our resilience is wearing thin”.