No stamping of vehicles during the ends of the year until 2021



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In order to provide a more effective service to the community of St. Maarten, the Traffic Department of the KPSM have taken the decision to inform the general public at an early stage about the stamping of vehicles for export.
Through this, the Traffic Department of the KPSM wants to inform the community of St. Maarten that during the upcoming vacation season there will be no more stamping of documents for vehicles to be exported.

Stamping and inspection will take place until December 22, 2021 . That will be the last day of the year for the stamping of documents to be shipped off the island or registered on the French side. The traffic department will resume document verification, vehicle inspection and stamping on Monday, January 10, 2022.

The public is reminded that the traffic department still operates by appointment only. They can be reached by e-mail: and by calling 542 22 22, with extensions 241/ 239.

The services of the Traffic Service include, but are not limited to: the export of motor vehicles, hit and run (driving on after a collision), checking of vehicles at events and road accidents, for questioning witnesses and suspects, as well as going to the scene in case of serious road accidents.

Steps for the export of motor vehicles:
⦁ Persons should send an email with the following documents attached:,:
⦁ Invoice of sale or proof of ownership
⦁ Inspection card (old/expired) of the intended vehicle
⦁ Proof of insurance of the intended vehicle (if insured)
⦁ Copy of the identity card of the seller of the vehicle
⦁ Copy of the identity card of the buyer of the vehicle
⦁ A letter stating that the vehicle will be exported or that the vehicle will be registered in Sint Maarten.
⦁ 2.The applicant will receive a reply by email from the Traffic Department within 3 working days with a scheduled appointment for the inspection of the motor vehicle.
⦁ 3.This appointment will always take place on Wednesday morning at the Simpson Bay Police Station, with the exception of public holidays.
⦁ 4.On the day of the appointment, report to the Simpson Bay Police Department with the motor vehicle to be exported for inspection and the following documents:
⦁ A letter stating that the vehicle will be exported or that the vehicle will be registered in Sint Maarten.
⦁ Two stamps worth Naf. 5,-.

If everything is checked and found to be in order, you will receive the stamped documents on the same day as the inspection. Please note that when you come to your appointment, wearing a mask is mandatory.