“Living Museum” connects St. Martin history, culture at Sr. Regina Primary School

(Photos: C. Huijgen)


SIMPSON BAY, St. Martin — Sr. Regina Primary School pupil Marley-Bo Deekman (R, top pic) was the representation of St. Martin writer Lasana Sekou (L), at the school’s 6th annual “Living Museum.”

“It was an honor to meet and hear Miss Marley-Bo; she’s clearly bright and brave. I wish her well with her schooling, for herself, her family, and for our St. Martin future,” said Sekou.

An author of over 20 books, Sekou was invited by the school to tour the living museum (11.10.21), which is part of Sr. Regina Primary School’s St. Martin Day program.
Earlier in the year, students are assigned historical and contemporary personalities, flora, fauna, and places to study for the exhibit, according to teacher Candace Huijgen.
Students use books and other media for information about who or what they are assigned to take on the appearance of and talk about. Students may dress the part on the day of the museum.

In 2021, politicians Sarah Wescott-Williams and Claude Wathey made the list to be impersonated by students. Pan musician Mighty Dow, Dutch colonial officer Peter Stuyvesant, and the Brown Pelican were also represented among the 24 exhibits.
Books by House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP), such as National Symbols of St. Martin (bit.ly/3CSHUan) and Claude – A Portrait of Power were some of the sources used to gather information.

“The children were so excited about listening to their classmates” (pic L, clockwise), talking about people connected to St. Martin history and culture, “that impressed me,” said HNP admin secretary Beverly Wilson.
“It’s also exciting to see Sr. Regina Primary School and Teacher Candace use such creative and scholastic-based ways to teach about St. Martin,” said Sekou, who was accompanied by Wilson.

“I’m thankful to the parents of Marley-Bo for being part of this live educational activity,” said Sekou, who is also projects director at HNP.