Rosina Romeo is the new Interim Terminal Operations Manager at Port St. Maarten

Ms. Rosina Romeo Interim Terminal Operations Manager at Port St. Maarten
PORT ST. MAARTEN – Port St. Maarten Group (PSG) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alexander Gumbs recently announced the promotion of longtime maritime management professional Rosina Romeo as the interim Terminal Operations Manager, as of September 1st, 2021.
Gumbs said that the discussion in terms of merging the cruise and cargo operations was in in the pipeline for some time now and with internal shifts and preparation for growth within the organization. Romeo was promoted as one of the only local females with a skill set of a maritime degree.
PSG CEO Gumbs further said that his focus is on growing and instilling organizational citizenship while creating opportunities for staff to enhance their skills. Staff are seen as invaluable assets to the group of companies.
“Our business depends on being the best we can be and by all means we should try and encourage growth. I look back at myself starting as an intern in the company and was given the opportunity to learn and grow, without those opportunities I would not have been the CEO today.
“I’ve seen the growth of Rosina Romeo over the years and the will to be a part of the strategic initiatives moving ahead. Romeo’s responsibilities include managing the daily operational and logistics flow within the cruise and cargo facilities such as container handling, passenger flow and guest experience, provisioning and fueling, and assuring operational excellence along with data provision to senior management for strategic purposes. Rosina Romeo in her function will be reporting directly to the Chief Operations Officer of PSG,” Gumbs said on Monday.
Formerly working in Marketing & Sales, Cruise & Yachting Operations at PSG, Romeo has over 10 years of experience at the port. She worked as Assistant in Terminal Operations, a position of responsibility, prior to her promotion to her current position.
Before graduation, Romeo started her first internship at the port in 2006, and every summer she worked in various departments learning the functions and processes of overall port operations. Upon graduation, Rosina was hired in April 2010.
“Shipping is perceived as a male dominated industry and women are very much the minority. It is daunting entering what many see as a male dominated area. With that being said, my experience at Port St. Maarten Group of Companies has been nothing short from challenging, but I have learned to adapt quickly.
“From an intern to being employed in the field of my study and having the experience of working amongst professionals for over a decade, the success of my performance, in current and previous roles has required me to develop excellent interpersonal and decision-making skills
“Being the first female to manage the Cargo Operations, I am thrilled by this promotion. It is fulfilling to me both personally and professionally to finally get here. I believe that my drive, professional background, and experience makes me the ideal person for this position.
“I would like to thank Port St. Maarten for helping me achieve this, as I will work hard to show the confidence and trust you have in me is not misplaced,” Rosina Romeo said regarding her appointment.
In 2006 Rosina Romeo attended the Caribbean Maritime University in Jamaica where she obtained her Associates Degree in Shipping & Logistics and Bsc of Science Degree in Port Management.
Rosina Romeo is the first female on St. Maarten to receive a degree in Port Management.