Foresee Foundation briefed on situation with Haiti collaboration People urged to send funds not stuff

From left: Welcie and Johan Smoorenburg and Jose Sommers at the R4CR/Samenwerkende Fondsen office, used by Foresee.


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — St. Maarten based Foresee Foundation and Haiti based Heart for Haiti Foundation (HHF) are both pleased that they are able to maintain their education scholarship agreement even as Haiti struggles with the impact of the deadly earthquake which struck Haiti on Saturday and by heavy rains brought by Tropical Storm Grace. This good news was delivered when Director/Founder of HHF Johan Smoorenburg visited Foresee at the offices of R4CR/Samenwerkende Fondsen to give an update on the now four-year-old project.

He met with Foresee’s Jose Sommers, who was happy to hear that the sponsored education scholarship program is still up and running and that HHF’s facilities were not damaged by the recent earthquake that rocked mostly the south side of the island.

Sommers said, “St. Maarten has very strong ties to Haiti and it is important that as a region we are able to support each other in efforts to educate young people. Our ties often result in a lot of people coming to St. Maarten to start a new life, so it is important that we help with educating the youth.” HHF’s kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and orphanage facilities cater to some 700 students, 100 of which are sponsored by Windsong International Foundation, initially with the assistance of Foresee Foundation in the Caribbean Mini-grant program.

Smoorenburg has lived most of his life in Haiti, developing HHF into a well-respected nongovernmental organization (NGO), which is also a Disaster relief organization and is often used by international donors, who have recognized his vast experience and influence in Haiti. He said he is heartened by the efforts to help the country in this dire time and has encountered many persons willing to help, however after a critical review of how aid is sent and given out in Haiti, he suggests that persons and businesses willing to help should seek out legitimate aid organizations and send funds not stuff.

Too often, he explained, “Containers and shipped items are difficult to get off the port, then there is a risk to get the containers to the intended location. With funds, organizations are able to source local items and give direct help with employment. It is all round better for Haiti’s economy also.” Any funds received by HHF will be funneled to various relief projects that will certainly assist the grassroots Haitian population.

Sommers added that with the already established links between Foresee and HHF anyone willing to send funds to HHF can use Foresee Foundation. Windward Island Bank # US$ 81158609, contact information ( All donations will go fully to the Heart for Haiti Foundation.