Twinning program with two Dutch childcare organizations



SABA — As part of the BES(t) 4 Kids Saba program to improve the quality of childcare, the Public Entity Saba has engaged in a twinning program with two childcare organizations in the Netherlands, Hestia and Kindernet.

The twinning program started in November 2020 and until now mostly focused on management level through virtual assistance with policies for the Laura Linzey Daycare and the afterschool care of the Saba Girls and Boys Sports Society. With the assistance of Hestia and Kindernet, daycare and afterschool care personnel took part in a virtual first aid training specifically for children and infants.

With the intention of giving the collaboration and further professionalizing a boost, the parties agreed to set up an exchange program. It was agreed that two Kindernet employees would come to Saba for three months to work at the daycare and afterschool care. Mañana van Rijssen and Sanne Bulsink arrived on Saba on June 2, and after the five-day quarantine started to work on Monday, June 7. They will stay until mid-August.
Mañana and Sanne, who both hold an MBO Early Childhood degree, will also assist with coaching to further empower the employees and help with activities, including the activities of the summer program. In the future, a group of the Saba daycare and afterschool care will visit the two childcare organizations in the Netherlands.

Mañana and Sanne, who have 4 to 5 years of childcare experience, said they were excited about working on Saba. “We want to provide extra hands and tools, help with improving quality and encourage the feeling of safety. We are also looking forward to learn from our Saban colleagues.”

Interim daycare manager Esther Hermans said: “I am confident that Mañana and Sanne can contribute to our organization through the way in which they work with the children. By leading through example.” Ludwina Charles of the afterschool care said: “I would love to see Mañana and Sanne teach my leaders how to be more involved with the children through activities, and in this manner create more interaction.”