Police urges graduates consider joining law enforcement



The Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM urges young people who have completed their education to consider serving their country by donning the blue uniform and tackling law and order as a police officer-in-training.

The call comes as students wrap up high school, college, and university studies and coincides with KPSM’s recruitment drive. This drive seeks to add at least 20 police officers-in-training to KPSM’s ranks thereby boosting the country’s safety and security.
Expressing congratulating to all students, their parents and family, KPSM advises all to explore the wide range of opportunities the police force can offer and to consider this as a way to build an exciting, varied, and highly rewarding career.
No two police officers is the same. However, they all have something in common: a fierce commitment to integrity and securing the strong foundation of law enforcement.

Why think about joining KPSM? The reasons are many and includes:
⦁ The job is never routine
⦁ Police officers help people make better choices
⦁ Police officers are problem solvers
⦁ Police officers trusted members of the community
⦁ The daily opportunity to save someone’s life

KPSM offers a myriad of possibilities to progress from patrol officer to detective, intelligence or forensic specialist, and from detective to motorcycle officer. These are only a small part of that the organization offers to young men and women looking to serve the Sint Maarten community in a very hands-on and tangible way.