Attorney Sjamira Roseburg gives update on case of American tourists



My clients were offered a transaction with which the matter at hand would be settled out of court. A transaction is a settlement between the public prosecutor office and the suspect(s) to avoid further prosecution. It is entirely voluntary and does not constitute an admission of guilt.

My clients accepted and paid their respective transaction fees which consisted of a hefty fine and conditions. Had my clients decide not to accept the transaction, they would have had to see the judge within the extended 8 days. I would have then had to make another request for their release. The judge would have most propably granted said request as the only reason my clients remained incarcerated was due to the fact that it was presumed that more investigation would be needed.

Usually circumstances such as these are handled by way of a transaction. The public prosecutor usually offers this option, instead of going through a trial process. This is why I made mention of what seemed as though the prosecutor was trying to make an example of my clients by extending the pre-trial detention in my earlier press release. This in my opinion, has been made clear otherwise the transaction option would not have been offered.

Now that my clients have accepted the transaction conditions, the case is final and there will be no court case. That being said, my client was able to receive the proper medical assistance and they are safely back in the United States with a restriction to not come back to Sint Maarten for a period of 3 years.

Prior to their departure, my clients through a video, wanted to offer their sincere apology once more to the police and public of Sint Maarten.

On behalf of my clients, Sjamira Roseburg, LL.M
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