MHF host 3rd hike for mental health



CAYHILL, Sint Maarten — On April 3rd 2021 MHF hosted its annual ‘Hike for Mental Health’ over the Easter weekend. The activity started back in 2019 by MHF employees Ryanne Bowers and Cyrille Brooks aims at influencing the community of St. Maarten to try hiking – to boost their mental health.

Whilst hiking is recognized as a near perfect way to keep fit and maintain a healthy weight, benefits for our emotional well-being are often ignored. When we exercise, we release feel-good hormones known as endorphins into our bloodstream.

This natural high helps reduce stress and anxiety, calming and relaxing both the body and mind. Especially during these times when money is tight, hiking is one of the most accessible types of exercise around costing nothing, and can be done at anytime and anywhere.

Research shows that people, who spend more time in nature, and less time with technology, are up to 50% more creative when it comes to problem-solving tasks. This years’ hike commenced at St. Dominic High school to Valley Estate. Participants were treated to water, health drinks, fruits and raffle prizes at the end.