Dear Managing Director of PJIAH,

We, the employees of PJIAE have learned from the media that the World Bank has issued a letter to the Prime Minister in which they are expressing their sentiments toward the recent move of the Princess Juliana International Holding Company (PJIAH), to try to remove the PJIAE Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It is stated and we quote “PJIA reconstruction funding in jeopardy if Mingo is removed.” This, to us seems like a smoke scheme.

We are still awaiting the outcome of letters and petition of July 3rd, 2020, sent by the employees in which we have expressed our dissatisfaction in the way the CEO is operating and running the company (PJIAE). He shows no concern for the employee’s feelings as he has stated and we quote “I come here to fix the airport, not the people”. This, for us is an indication that his main objective is completing the project (which we are looking forward to), but how will you have an airport without its core pillar – The Employees – US.

We are still to receive a clear explanation on the breakdown of the monies we received in July and on when and how we will receive the balance of the monies owed.

The letter from our Union representatives with the questions posed to the CEO is still unanswered and we have not received any information from the Government mediator.

Now it is rumored that the Schiphol Group with the consent of the CEO and CFO is very interested in buying the bonds from the Bond Holders. If this is the case this would mean that the Schiphol Group would most likely take over the management of PJIAE. With that take over how can it be guaranteed that the employees’ jobs would be secured.

We the employees are demanding clear and transparent answers from the Managing Board of PJIAE, answers from the Supervisory Board of PJIA and PJIAH the Holding Company.

We need answers to our letters sent. We will no longer stand aside and certainly would not stand for no take over if ALL JOBS are not guaranteed and maintained.

We have had enough of the games played, nonchalant answers and lies from the CEO and we are demanding respect and a CEO that we can trust. Not one who does not have the best interest of the employees and this country at heart. The current CEO is clearly NOT meeting these criteria and therefore needs to GO.

The undersigned, Sint Maarten, February 11, 2021

PJIAE Employees