Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs meets with WISCU, WITU and ABVO Unions



Philipsburg – Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs attended a meeting with representatives of the Windward Island Civil Servants Union (WICSU/PSU), Windward Islands Teachers Union (WITU), and Algemene Bond Van Overheid en Overige Personeel (ABVO) unions today, Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

The union members called this meeting to gain clarity on the changes within the Secretariat of the Committee of Civil Servants Union (CCSU) which they are members of. After a fruitful meeting, the membership was able to receive the necessary information to assure them that the secretariat is currently functional as it has a full-time Secretary General and a Chairman.

Currently, there are two vacant positions on the secretariat which will be filled as soon as possible. However, this should not deter the secretariat from fulfilling their tasks. ‘With this resolve, we look forward to future discussions related to safeguarding the rights of civil servants which is the goal of both parties,’ concluded Prime Minister Jacobs.