Anguilla Police Issues Warning Against Illegal Lottery



ANGUILLA — The Royal Anguilla Police Force wish to inform all operators and patrons of what is commonly known as the Illegal Spanish Numbers or Illegal Spanish Lottery that it is unlawful to conduct, participate or facilitate any lottery activity from anyone or anyplace who is not a legally authorized agent.

The sole legally authorized Spanish Lottery in Anguilla is operated by Madroka, and there are 3 authorized outlets which are located at:

  • The Caribbean Commercial Complex
  • The Quarter
  • Stoney Ground, at the entrance of the road leading to The General Hospital.

There are also 10 authorized mobile agents conducting sales on behalf of Anguilla Lottery operated by Madroka. These agents will be at various locations, and will be in possession of an identification card authorizing them to conduct business on behalf of Madroka. The names and locations of these agent are as follows:

Julio Derrick The Quarter Next to Gadget City
Turvino Morris Hodge South Hill Bar after Derick Romney Bar
Maria Victoria Felix George Hill George Hill
Alberto Carty Rey Hill Island Harbour – Building next to the old Chinese
Eduviges Carter South Hill Long Bay (Stanford Fleming)
Yubelkys Cruz Charles Blowing Point Green and White house next to Coconos Restaurant
Wendy Miguelina / Brasoban Felix Blowing Point Small Building before Blues Gas Station
Rosana De la Rosa Flores Long Bay Rumba Bar – South Hill
Lourdes Altagarcia Hughes Blowing Point Lives behind bar after Derrick Romney Bar
Aleida Felix Rondon Blowing Point Restaurant next to Blues Gas Station


Persons engaging, facilitating or supporting any Spanish lottery in Anguilla, other than the ones operated by Madroka, are ask to cease and desist from such activity immediately.

Any activities in contravention of this warning will be deemed as a direct commission of an offence and will be dealt with in a prescribed manner. Please be guided accordingly.